Rok Pejovič

Discipline: Bodybuilding

MuscleMania 2018 - Rok Pejovič
Mr. Olympia 2019 - Rok Pejovič
Rok Pejovič

Fitness lifestyle is the best way to grow mentally and physically; through discipline and hard work. It is like it’s been tailored for me. I’ve been training for more than 15 years and it was an amazing experience so far. I’ve learned so much about human body, nutrition, workouts and personal growth on this journey that I’ve decided to take another step and start competing.

I won my first bodybuilding competition back in 2016 in Rimini, Italy and it was Musclemania show. The second show I’ve participated in was in 2018 in Paris, where I also took first place and was 2nd overall. Last year I’ve been competing at Mr. Olympia Amateur 2019 in Las Vegas and took 3rd place, which is the biggest accomplishment in my bodybuilding career yet.

I believe that you can accomplish anything with a positive mindset and proper motivation.